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Competition Team

For dedicated students interested in an extended curriculum with the opportunity to perform more, we established our DSD Competition Team.

Under the instruction of directors Krystle Ptaszkiewicz and Joe Nickel, our team has won countless overall awards, titles and scholarships as well as recognition for “Best Choreography” and “Most Creative Concept”.

These dancers are  required to take a variety of classes during the week along with learning choreography and rehearsing on Saturdays. Our team attends a minimum of 4 local competitions as well as at least one extensive workshop each year.  Auditions are held every year in June and participation in our summer classes is mandatory.

Join Our

Prep Team

For dancers who want an opportunity to take the competition stage but on a less intense level of commitment, we created our DSD Prep Team.

These dancers are only required to be at the studio one night a week and will learn their competition routines in class during the week. Our Prep Team attends 2 local competitions and has the option to participate in one extensive workshop each year.

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